Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with hhjworld

1-Why place advertisements with
hhjworld thrives on the single agenda of adding value to small and mid-size advertisers of India. There are numerous benefits you can avail with Hhjworld. Some very important points are mentioned below:

  • Wide Media Network
  • Easy and convenient way of booking advertisements
  • Single window e-booking
  • Advertising in your budget
  • Best Rates

2- Do I have to pay to register with
No, there are no registration charges. You only have to pay for the online booking of advertisements

3-How do I register with hhjworld?
It’s easy to register with hhjworld. Just click the REGISTER link on the top and complete the form.

4-Why should I register with hhjworld?
We don’t force you to register. However, if you register with hhjworld we save you the trouble of repeatedly typing your details when you make advertisement booking. Additionally, it also opens the option to receive great advertisement offers from us via email before anybody else.

5-What kind of advertisements does the site accept?
We accept print advertisements (text classifieds, display classifieds and display advertisements) as per available size displayed on screen advertising section. It is on first come, first serve basis in terms of positioning the advertisements.

6- How are classified text advertisements different from classified display advertisements?
Classified text advertisements contain information in plain text without enhancements, whereas classified display advertisements contain a border for higher visibility and greater impact.

7-What is the ideal time to place an order for an advertisement?
We recommend all our clients to place their orders well before its publishing date. Preferably, two days prior to the release date of the advertisement. Since our internal review may take 48 hours on display it online.

8- Will I be intimated once my advertisement is booked?
Yes, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking with hhjworld.

9- Do you also provide your service to clients outside of India?
Yes, we do provide our services to international clients. The procedure for national and international clients is the same. However the tariff for outside India customer needs to be checked time to time basis from our information email

10-I want to make changes to my advertisement which is already booked. If that is allowed, what are the guidelines on that?
You can send us your revised advertisement via e-mail on However this is subject to discretion of hhjworld company after understanding reason for change also there will be charges for 25% of amount paid for the same advertising.

11-I want to publish the advertisement in Hindi or Regional language. How does that work?
You can e-mail us the content same way you need to be displayed within given space, we shall not make any changes in content or language.

12-I have read the guidelines on the site but I find it very complicated to submit an advertisement on your site.
Contact us for help in creating Ads, and we will make sure your requirements are fulfilled.

13- Do I have to submit any documents for placing an order?
Not always. But, you need to sign up the online form agreeing to entire ownership to handle any objection from any legal entity and responsibility to provide valid legal documentation needed from time to time that might have to be submitted in special cases, for instance if someone wants to promote Change of Name – of a company or a brand, or even an individual. A court affidavit is required in certain cases like these, same you need to consulate your lawyer and keep original copies in your possession before approaching us for advertisement.


Payment related queries

14-What payment options do I have to book advertisements?
We offer the following payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, demand draft, money transfers via DD/Pay u money and cash pick-up.

15-What is the guarantee that after I’ve made the payment, the advertisement will be released?
hhjworld is a highly repeatable online business website and has earned the trust of thousands of customers in India and abroad.We keep records of all the transactions done on the site and sent SMS & Email alerts at every stage of the transaction. And most importantly – all your payments pass through a legitimate channel and can be challenged for non-performance just like any other business in India.

16- Once booked, can I cancel my order? If yes, will I get my money back?
Yes, you can cancel your advertisement. But, not all cases qualify for refunds. Refund of 80% of payment will provided only if cancelation email is received on the same date. No claim will be considered after the time frame of same day.

17-Do you accept payments in foreign currency?
Yes, we do accept payments in foreign currency.For more information please email on

18- I’m worried about giving my credit card details online to hhjworld.
hhjworld is a VeriSign Secure Site. Which means it is absolutely safe to make your payment online on hhjworld. This is how it works: Information such as your card number etc is sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional information disclosure to third parties. You will notice that when you move from the Pay Online page to the payment page, the URL changes from http:// to https://. This shows that you are now on a secure channel.

19- What Is the Card Verification Number (CVV) on my credit card?
The Security Code is an important new security feature established by credit card companies in an attempt to further reduce the risk of internet fraud. This number never appears on sales receipts or billing statements and it is only found on the card itself. The cardholder is required to enter the code number at the time of the transaction to verify that the card is in their possession.

20- Where is the CVV number located on my credit card?
On your Visa and Master Card, you will find the three-digit code after the last four digits of your credit card number, on the back of the card within the signature field. In case of American Express, CVV number is a four-digit number on the front of the card on the right hand side above the card number.

21- Under what name will my purchase be charged on the credit card statement?
Your purchase will be charged under hhjworld

Other site related queries

22-How do I edit my account information?
Sign in to your hhjworld Account. From the My Area section, you can click on the “Update Profile” link and edit your details.

23- Can I change my username?
The username is a unique identity and cannot be changed. For a new username, you will need to register on the website as a new member.

24-Can I book advertisements even if I’m a non resident Indian?

25- I am looking for business opportunities. How do I get in touch?
We’re open to discussing business ideas and opportunities. Please send us an e-mail mentioning ‘Business Opportunity’ in the subject line at

26- Can I speak to someone in Customer Support?
Absolutely, please check our support number and email on contact us page.

27- I am facing a problem with the speed of the site.
Please check your connection with your Internet Service Provider.

28-I want to be a part of the hhjworld advertisement team.
Please e-mail us your resume on

29-Do I get any benefit if I refer my friend for advertising on your website.

Yes, we provide 6% commission in your account-However: for this you need to enroll in our authorized advertising agency partner* ,Also details for publishing and amount need to come from your registered email Id with agent code along with payment details.

30- How do I become authorized advertising agency partner?
Please fill the agreement form, by paying INR 500/- for annual membership you shall receive the agency code and all details for publishing and payment amount need to come from your registered email Id with agent code along with payment details. Post successful received of the advertisement content and payment in our account, we shall in turn make 6% payment in your account.

Please Note: You are not authorized to charge extra to customer for displaying their advertisement on our website.