E book – Ancient India-Land of Encrypted Science, Supernatural Power and Mysticism.

This book is introduction of the knowledge treasury in the ancient India, Introduction to religions, Ancient Indian Scientist (Rishis),Noble Laureate, Saints,Sufis,Wallis, Occultist , Immortals ,Scholars, Philosophers, Psychics, Supernatural powers of ancient human, Divine places in India since ancient age visited by global tourist, its significance and Introduction to Mystical Gyanganj or Siddhashrama.This book tries to touch on mysticism, that need further research “When material fulfillment journey of the life ends, it’s spiritual journey begins and continues till the time all its spiritual knowledge data encryption makes body realize the “Sunya “,the Brahman, absolute, emptiness in heart and mind ,with no emotions, feeling or desires ,when this stage of spiritual journey ends ,then it is the Soul journey that begins and continues till the time all its encrypted knowledge data about the fundamental properties of elements are separated and has completely lost the dimension of time and polarity(+,-),However once this Soul journey ends-there is no way back to put the realization of its previous stages neither the immediate state of existence nor its feeling in material or energy form, because of its empty space-without mass, time and dimension -This stage is Nirvana or Moksha-Ancient Vedas call it “Neti” means “Not the same”, because it is not explainable or expressible with limited definition of past senses.Even to mark Sunya`s presence as small quantum of energy (light), We need to understand that speed of light, will depend on gravity and the medium. Medium is a substance that makes possible the transfer of energy from one location to another like waves, However transfer of energy is only possible if polarity exist- negative and positive, but in state of “Sunya”-there is no polarity-Hence there is no direction to transfer, even if we presume their exists something to transfer. Gravity depend on mass and distance, but both mass and distance are not considered in this state of “Sunya”-since fundamental property of nucleus is not within definition of mass anymore, so only way to represent the encrypted data is transfer of energy from one place to another to make the spectator realize the presence of “Sunya”;-Hence even if some finite state of presence or intelligence is existing there in “Sunya” we are not eligible to witness or understand with our given limitations in this creation, it’s over and above Karma mystics to understand and realize, also beyond human conscience to absorb that knowledge data. It does not have any reference in any form or similarity to describe or compare with spiritual pleasure, reason is that after arriving at that state of being, were all its encrypted connection with the nature and with the milky way gets detached. As matter of fact, we humans need at least electromagnetic waves or visible region of spectrum to propagate any encrypted information to another living organism. Hyper physics mentions terms like Hadrons, baryons, mesons, it also mentions particle interactions and the strong force of bound that support the existence of particles with five quarks (Penta-quark),However in state of “Sunya”-is thus extremely difficult stage of achievement for yogis,to overcome the basic the strong force of bound in each stage of life and stage of final disconnect with all 5 quarks(basic elements-tatvas: The word ‘panchatatva’ originates from Sanskrit, where “panch” stands for five and “Tatva” indicates elements. Following the universal law of life, everything on this planet is composed of five basic elements or the “Panchamahabhutas”. These are : Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth).”-The force that is beyond the power that bounds this subatomic particles, that was real thirst of knowledge for every intellectual, since the time we are under roof of Sun.

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Ancient India-Land of Encrypted Science, Supernatural Power and Mysticism. Kindle Edition

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