Mosquito Net For Double Bed 7 x 7 Feet – External Support Needed

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Product Description

Special designed for double bed average size 6 x 6 feet,

The fully stitched mosquito net helps to avoid all the diseases and all harmful insects from biting. It consists of corner plates which not only support the net but also make it strong. It is flexible, durable, hygienic and non-toxic. It is washable as well. A breathable rip-stop cotton linning keeps out crawling insects and extends 15 cm (6 inches) up the sides in case you lean against it during the night (mosquitoes can bite through netting).

Highly recommended when preventing all types of insect bites is essential for maintaining health and comfort. This portable mosquito net / bed net is free-standing and fully enclosed to provide an unsurpassed level of protection against mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, fleas, and other biting and flying insects. Can be used on any bed or on the floor by attaching all 4 corners with external support. A must for 100 percent protection from mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellants are harmfull with side effects that add to health harzards. Its smell effects respiratory system.Mosquito net are best to stay away from mosquito,flies and other insects. It is easy to wash. It is durable, hygenic and convenient.