hhjworld Cares – Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives

At hhjworld we believe the most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity—to pursue their dreams.

Likewise we believe we have an equally strong opportunity in India to use our resources and strengths of innovation, technology, infrastructure and market reach to create opportunities that will transform lives of the communities we operate in and support India’s development goals in education, sanitation and health and skill development for livelihood.

We currently run several programs like hhjworldhelp that is transforming and enabling new ways of giving or hhjwor;d in the Community that is empowering local communities with tools and services that enable them to create opportunities for their growth.

We do this by creating value for and through engagement and partnership with our employees , customers, partners and civil society. All hhjworldhelp  that  initiatives are envisaged to withstand the test of time by becoming self-sustainable and all our initiatives are implemented with the expertise of registered non-government organizations (NGOs) who come with a proven track record for outcomes.



“Respect time -It never remains same,so never use your rulebook against nature, it can make you learn lessons without books”

On country level-
Worlds super power showed failure to use its power,position or arm force to save life of many citizens.

On personal level-
Egoistic Professionals who had busy lifestyle,charging heavy fees for each minute to their clients and hardly spend time with their old parents,friends or relatives are now sitting inside their private room with ample time, still in silent contemplation.

-The message is for those individuals and group of people-
who are still NOT understanding meaning of quarantine and hiding themselves from tests,Disrespecting regulatory authorities,Not following use of mask,social distancing.
Those Disrespecting Doctors,nurses,health care worker,police,media reporters,essential service providers,socialist and hygiene campaigners.

“Its time to unit with same spirit to fight against corona,let’s not make coming generation suffer for our carelessness”Thanks